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Five Simple Tips On How To Choose A Perfect Wedding Venue

One of the important thing to consider when planning a wedding ceremony is the venue. A wedding reception is one of the climax of the ceremony people look out for,and as such,  a perfect venue should be picked. Here are some of the factors to consider when choosing your venue:

  1. Hall capacity

Before you choose a wedding reception venue, you should first consider the number of guests you would be expecting at the event and you make reservation for extra just in case. Do not opt for a 300-hall capacity when you are expecting 500 guests because of the cost. It could mar your ceremony because the place would be congested and it won’t look nice at all.

  1. Ventilation

Ventilation is another tip you should greatly consider when choosing your venue.  Choose a venue that could be arranged in such a way that  air would circulate. Proper arrangement and layout would make the hall spacious and well ventilated.

  1. Location

The location of event really matters a lot. Make sure your venue has a serene environment where there won’t be area boys intruding your party. There has been testimonies of events where area boys invade parties breaking bottles, asking for money and soon.

  1. Parking lot

Another thing to consider is  the parking lot. There should be a perfect layout parking lot with security men in charge, so the whole place doesn’t get congested. It gives the environment a superb view.

  1. Proximity

The venue should be in a place where everyone would be able to relate with, like a popular supermarket,church or drugstore. Not some lone areas that would discourage people to attend the ceremony.

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