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5 Simple Tips To Get the Best of Your Wedding Videography

How to Get the Best of Wedding Videography

Your wedding ceremony is a lifetime event, not just a single day thing. Hence, it is important to ensure the moments are well captured as it may turn out to be the best investment some years later. It’s no question in having to decide between wedding videos and wedding photos, as both are fundamental and useful.

A perfectly captured wedding in photos and videos is glamorous, classy and beautiful; it is definitely a stunning feature that spice up your wedding ceremony. Videos go a step further in showing a sequence of events, sounds, reactions, emotions and details that a single photo could not provide. Cool huh? Yeah, we think so too.

Get a dope wedding video that would capture the love, emotions, laugher, fun, promises, funky guest outfits and the unforgettable hilarious dance steps that made your day unique is thus essential.

Here are a few tips on how to go about it:

(1) Hire a Videographer: You surely need the service of a videographer if you aim to capture your day in such a way that 5-20 years or more, when you look back at your wedding film and photos, you will feel the same happiness and joy that you felt on your wedding way. Yeah, they are that essential. Hire the service of a videographer with enough experience, talent and good equipment. Do your research well to show your confidence in whosoever you’ll employ. Hiring a videographer is a must, you must agree.


(2) Check for reviews: Check for A-list videographers, review their recent works and make your choice. Check online for the recommendations and reviews previous clients have made, ask questions till you satisfy your curiosities or hesitations before the D-day. If you are not satisfied with a particular videographer, you can always opt for better alternatives. Keep an open mind for suggestions and trends your videographer would bring to the table. You absolutely want the best, remember?


(3) Prioritize your budget: Don’t be scared. Hiring both a wedding photographer and videographer is not a waste of money. Don’t take my words for it- those beautiful wedding videos that make us  ”awwwn” and  “wow” are enough conviction. The end result being a wedding day that comes out as you imagined it makes the extra spending worth the effort. What more, you get to replay one of the most special moment of your life. Surely an investment you’ll be glad you made.


(4) Cover the ceremony and reception: The solemn wedding ceremony is good for filming, yes. Likewise, the filming of people gathered together at a party will surely make for some great memories. You will get to sit back and enjoy every detail that went in a blur for you at the reception. The funny, awful and even emotional scenes would all be for your viewing.


(5) Spice up the Video: Instead of your photographer filming every aspect (and some parts are not necessary), special features can be added. For instance, a segment that your videographer interviews your guests to give personal messages and wishes that would resonate and bring smile to your face is awesome right? Don’t forget the special dances: father-daughter, mother-son, couples; your tons of guests hilarious dance steps have an highpoint that would make your wedding truly unique too.


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