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8 Tips Every Groom Must Know Before Choosing A Ring For His Bride

Worn as you behold, worn with life’s care under the eyes of heaven, it stretches the love when lovers are far apart. It beautifies the finger and gives the lady a high prestige that she is taken by her partner.

Rings are exchanged between partners during a wedding ceremony. They both wear it on the fourth fingers of their left hand. Engagement and wedding rings are both worn on a same finger. The little difference is that an engagement ring has a diamond or another gemstone set atop a pretty band and the lady wears it alone but the wedding ring is worn by the two partners and it is a simple round shape bands without a diamond or gemstone.

A ring represents eternity and infinity, and the hole through the ring signifies a doorway leading to events in the future. Therefore to give someone a ring means commitment of a never-ending love.

However, there are 8 tips the groom most know before choosing the ring for his bride:

1. Know the choice of your lady: Ladies wear their rings most of the time, either to tell the world ‘I am taken’ or ‘I am legally married’. Ladies wants everything to be perfect when it comes to their wedding.

2. Know the choice of your wedding ring: Do you want a diamond, gold or platinum ring? Do you want the metal to be same with your engagement ring? Do you want a matching ring? This will help the guy to have a focus on what to buy as well as to avoid regrets later.

3. Start the search early: Be prompt to start the search for the ring once you have a basic idea on what the ring would look like. Yes, your best man can help in the search, as it is said “two eyes are better than one”. You can start four to five months before the wedding.

4. Have a budget: This is the most important aspect because you have to cut your coat according to your size. Have it in mind that you might spend five percent of the whole wedding budget on ring. Wedding happen once in a life time therefore, you have to give your whole best to make sure it comes out well.

5. Keep your lifestyle in mind: A ring is worn every day at home, to our workplace, to church and basically everywhere we go. Therefore, the one which would fit all occasion should be chosen including sporting activities.

6. Think about the future: Ask questions like: will it be a long term ring? Will I be able to wear it in the next thirty years? Will it fit the fashion sense when we are old? A ring should be everlasting and should maintain it quality.

7. Know your size: Do not choose a size randomly because a slim lady can turn out to be a fat lady in the next two years. This means you should consider the finger swells and body weight.

8. Check for Maintenance: Know if the colour would not peel off; whether sweats, water and sun would not affect it. The beauty of a ring is to maintain its normal colour.

David Harris says “Love is a wedding ring… for within the wedding ring you hold the essence of my heart”. The ring is a way through two lives and two hearts are joined together in friendship and love for ever.


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