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9 Tips to Planning A “Forever-Etched-In-Her-Memory” Proposal

The four-word question many ladies dream to be asked but which mostly make guys nervous and confused. Males do not really participate in the planning and ferferity of weddings so they have to give the proposal their best shot. They have to make sure the proposal will create a lasting impression on their significant other.

Many believe that ladies fantasize that they will be asked with pomp and pageantry – a trip to the moon, 19 iPhones to form a heart shape with the 20th iPhone and the ring, renting a restaurant and calling a band to play. This is largely true, but there are ladies who want proposals that are simple, sincere and creative as opposed to proposals that are extravagant, over-the-top and showy.

Here are some tips to planning a “forever-etched-in-her-memory” proposal:

1. Ask her father: It is important you let her father know your intentions towards his daughter. Be sincere about how you feel about her. Have a man-to-man talk. You don’t want any parental disagreements over your marriage.

2. Make it a surprise: Guys, please, surprise is one of the main elements of an awesome proposal. Both of you might have picked the ring together but do not let her be aware of when you are going to propose.


3. Rehearse: This is why guys stay so long in front of a mirror and try to edit and re-edit their lines. If you do not want to end up looking like a blabber who is tongue-tied, please rehearse. That way, you can hear yourself and judge if you would accept if your mirror image proposed to you.

4. Suit it to her personality: You know her personality. If she likes extravagant, plan it that way; if she prefers something more intimate, plan it that way. The goal is to get her to say yes and for her to never forget the day she did.

5. Invite her friends and family: Invite her close friends and family to be part of the moment. Their cheers add to the spice of the proposal and she will be glad you did.

6. Get a professional photographer: Your friends might get carried away with the euphoria of the moment and not capture it properly. The photographer knows that he must deliver so he won’t make any mistakes. Moreover, you’d be happy to capture her expressions. You can even present a framed picture of it to her as your wedding present.

7. Be creative: Brainstorm and do something creative. Your creativity should also have a personal touch. You could go out, order for a drink and present your own bottle with a “will you marry me?” note in it. You could go to the first place you met and propose to her there. You could propose on a day that is significant to both of you (the day you both met, her birthday, your relationship anniversary), it would mean a lot to her. Don’t just think outside the box, discard the box!

8. Don’t forget the bended knee: As old-fashioned as this is, it still gets ladies every time. This is because guys are known for their ego and pride but the bended knee shows that they are giving it all up to ask the love of their lives to marry them.

9. Words: On your bended knee is when you have the chance to say all you want to say before you pop the question. Please, do not blow it. Be sincere about it. Tell her what attracted her to you and how you want to go through life with her. Keep it short and simple. KISS!

So, guys, build your courage, think it through and pop the question… and champagne too.


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