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5 Simple Tips To Get the Best of Your Wedding Videography

How to Get the Best of Wedding Videography

Your wedding ceremony is a lifetime event, not just a single day thing. Hence, it is important to ensure the moments are well captured as it may turn out to be the best investment some years later. It’s no question in having to decide between wedding videos and wedding photos, as both are fundamental and useful.

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Happy Wedding Guests: The Tricks and Cheats

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to have well served and satisfied guests in Nigerian weddings. All it takes  is adequate planning to avoid all the scrambling, grumbling and beefing for food, drinks, and even a chair to sit on. In order words, no matter the invitation plans your in-laws, aunty from the village or even your younger sister have made, you won’t have to hear complaints  nor read dissatisfaction on the face of your numerous guests. Continue reading →

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Walking Down The Aisle? See These Eight Tips For Writing Your Wedding Vows

If  I am to put into consideration all the weddings I have attended since ‘owambes’ (popular word for Nigerian wedding parties) entered my vocabulary, I would say the wedding vows are what set the stage for the whole thing to make it memorable and you  may add the ‘kiss the bride’ part.

The vows makes a wedding unforgettable and emotional especially if the couple were so passionate and cute about it. The good food, venue, decoration, cake and dress are a banger no doubt, but it’s only the vows that make people understand why they are there in the first place to celebrate love finding its fulfillment and recognition in a lifelong commitment. Continue reading →

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