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Wedding Flowers: The Language of Flowers

The things we do speaks volume about us- the clothes we wear, the shoes we put on, the music we listen to and flowers are no less. The flower we choose for our wedding contributes to the look of the day. Traditionally, the bride is expected to hold a flower, which she tosses over her shoulder after the wedding. Hence, whatever plans we make ahead of the wedding, flowers should be one of the most important to consider. Continue reading →

Nine Important Wedding Etiquette Every Bride & Groom Must Know

In Nigeria, especially in the Southern part of the country, weddings are usually seen as very big events and are usually referred to as ‘owambes’.  Most people think wedding etiquette are only meant to be observed by guests (not getting in the way of the official photographer, not looking more extravagant than the bride and not getting souvenirs into a do-or-die affair).There are also etiquettes the couple ought to take note of, even though theirs is most prominent at the pre-wedding and post-wedding stages. Continue reading →

Wedding Style; Wedding Theme; Wedding Colour Scheme – What’s the difference?

This title reminds me of “Fuji House of Commotion” (who didn’t watch that family movie series?). The last wife, Ireti had cooked a delicacy of ‘konko’ (toad). The first wife, Mama Moji came and screamed at her, asking why Ireti would cook ‘opolo’ (frog). Ireti answered saying, “No o. it’s ‘konko’ I cooked.” Mama Moji’s reply was, “At’opolo ati konko, what difference?”  (What is the difference between frog and toad?) So, wedding style, wedding theme, wedding colour scheme, what difference? Continue reading →

Before You Choose Your Wedding Theme II

Welcome to the second and concluding edition of this article. Like I introduced in the previous edition, colour schemes are a very import part of the wedding planning. The reason is, almost every other aspect is hinged on this (choice of colour) – the hall decorations, the attires (including aso-ebi), your bouquet, invitation cards, etc. Now you see why I am so particular colours. Continue reading →

Whose Wedding is it?

From before we were born, our parents have always had an idea of who they want us to be. They would have imagined and painted a lustrous scenario of how our lives will play out. Gone are the days when parent would actively chisel and carve, mould and shape us into their replica or ‘what they want for us’ but are those days gone forever? Continue reading →

Till Debt Do Us Part? – Five Simple Tips that Will Help You Save Wedding Costs

Nigerians are big on celebrations. We don’t spare anything – we go all out to ensuring that the needful is done regarding our events. An event for the average person is not just an event – it’s a statement. Many people use their events to communicate certain things to their circles – power, wealth, social status, skills, clout et. al. Weddings especially are seen as once-in-a-lifetime events; so you can imagine how far people would go. Continue reading →

5 Tips To Pull Off Your Flawless Nigerian Wedding

1. Start Early

There’s nothing like starting your planning early. It saves you all the stress of last minute rush. Typically, it is advised to start planning 6 months before the big day. Contact and settle on your vendors early enough, so all the good ones aren’t taken up, especially if you are getting married during the holidays or peak periods.

2. Have your checklist

Make a list of all that you’d need to do before the wedding day, and set deadlines and reminders for each activity. Also, make a list of all the people and group(s) you’d like to be a part of your day. You can have this list even before you are engaged, and add to it as the days go by. Helps you not to forget anyone for your important day and allows you to know how many people you are planning for.

3. Budget 

While planning for your big day, it is easy to get carried away with all the beautiful things you see, but a good budget can guide your decision-making and even make it easier. You don’t want to end up broke after the wedding day ☹. As we know, the wedding is a day; the marriage is all the days after.

4. Get Help 

Don’t try to do it all by yourself, list the things that are most important to you and absolutely need your attention. Then let your family and friends help you with that and the rest. It reduces stress and improves efficiency. If you are a control freak, like me, you can get them to give you periodic updates ☺.

5. Relax 

Yes yes, I know, it sounds counterproductive, but you do need to relax and enjoy the process, after all, if all go according to plan, you’d never have to do it for yourself again. Follow the 4 tips above and you’d see that this 5th one comes a little easier.

So, this one is too important to be hidden amongst the five. Always have a back up plan for food. There’s nothing worse than not having enough food or people not eating, and guess what, sometimes, there’s food, but there’s no plate or cutlery. Please and please, make provisions for food for more people than you expect, there would almost always be party crashers or friends of family and friends that come along too. A 10-25% markup should suffice.