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Happy Wedding Guests: The Tricks and Cheats

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to have well served and satisfied guests in Nigerian weddings. All it takes  is adequate planning to avoid all the scrambling, grumbling and beefing for food, drinks, and even a chair to sit on. In order words, no matter the invitation plans your in-laws, aunty from the village or even your younger sister have made, you won’t have to hear complaints  nor read dissatisfaction on the face of your numerous guests. The perfect  weddings is a thoroughly planned event. Your wedding is special because you’re actually getting married, the reception is one main aspect that your guests would be looking forward to-who doesn’t like to eat, drink and dance? The memorable celebrations incorporate fun and unique touches  to keep the guests smiling and talking  about it long after the  last dance.

Elevate yourself to the ‘well talked about wedding in town’ status with our comprehensive guide to having a well planned wedding that your guests won’t forget in a while. It’s just simple planning tricks that bring about wow-worthy celebrations.

(1) Get the service of a wedding planner:

Planning for weddings can be so exhausting and can  easily go bad as well and that’s where an efficient wedding planner comes in handy. They save the day and relieve you of unnecessary headache. Let the good ones take care of the wedding so you just grin at perfection blinking at. Ensure get the good ones.

(2) Be involved:

As much as you can trust your wedding planner to take charge, it wouldn’t hurt to check in time to time on the details to ensure it is to your taste. You would want to know the details- the kind of food(local, intercontinental or both), decor, cakes, amongst others.   Pick a day to sample the varieties with your partner and make the decisions on what better suits your taste. That way, you can effect changes as you wish. For instance,  caterers dress code, is it raunchy or decent enough? You wouldn’t want to look gloomy on your big day.

(3) Know the numbers of guests you would be hosting:

Some people say they would make their wedding strictly by invitation to avoid not being able to cater for the unexpected crowd from different walks of life. Make plan for more than the expected crowd so you won’t be surprised.  Make preparation for expected ghosts or guests who suddenly seem to eat more than they should.   Have a fall back plan especially for food and refreshment. That way, you will be better focused on the matter at hand like your dance, vows, kiss,..toast.

(4) Uniformity:

Unless you are looking for some colour splash, you may need to do away with all those divisions in colour of attires, decoration, cake etc.  When you walk into some weddings, you don’t need any introduction because you can spot the difference from the bride and groom family right from the color of Ankara worn. Sometimes, it gets confusing as you would be bombarded with different shades and colours of outfits by different cliques of representatives. You can pick a theme that would ensure uniformity and beauty.

(5) Budget Well:

This cannot be overemphasized. Money plays a key role in getting that glamorous wedding. While you may not be out to impress anyone, you’d surely want to pull off your dream wedding. Proper planning and management can achieve so much with adequate funding.

(6) Play  dance-able music:

Okay, this is obvious but it is worth emphasizing. Music is a major recipe for a fun-filled event and has a lot to do with how your guests will really enjoy your wedding. While your favourite music may be soulful and soft, trust your DJ or band to play the funky beats that’ll thrill your guests.

(7) Add the cherry on top:

Good food, and wedding favours really are the magic wand. Let your guests know you appreciate them for being a part of your big day by offering a take home souvenirs. A cute branded item with your initials and wedding date goes a long way.


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