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The Marriage and The Vow: 6 Things Every Couple Should Know

Marriage vow is a promise each partner makes to each other during a wedding ceremony. Marriage vows shapes the foundation of the marriage, gives insight of what the marriage is about, and serves as a source of encouragement and support for the parties. The content and the structure of the vow differ from one another. But all aims at achieving a particular purpose: bringing the couple into the consciousness of harmony in spite of challenges, trials and other marital situations

Here are some things to note before writing your vows:

1. Marriage Vow Is For The Marriage, Not Wedding: The difference between marriage and wedding still confuse many people. Marriage is the union between two people. The conjugal is forever, until death does asunder. Marriage is not a day journey, unlike wedding that’s a day ceremony. After the wedding event, it’s now between you and your spouse. So, marriage vows shouldn’t be for the wedding ceremony, but for the new voyage of love.

2. Don’t Be Emotional When Writing The Vow:  You don’t have to be emotional before writing your vow. Be in your normal state of mind and be sincere with yourself. Put to paper what you can tolerate, endure and perform. Never be forced to include what you assume is right as assumptions can be deceitful at times. So, be sincere with yourself and your partner.

3. Discuss It With Your Partner: Opinions differ from each other. What seems right to you may be wrong to your partner. There is need for verification, agreement and understanding at this juncture. You never can assume the desire of your spouse.

4. Seek Marriage Counseling And Knowledge:  Seek the help of marriage counselors and elderly couples and also read books on marriage and vows. The information you get will help you to know the promises you will make to your spouse. Don’t forget, your spouse will hold on to your vows, assurances and promises.

5. Memorize Your Vows: Committing your vows to memory will not only help you express them freely, but will also ensure you practice when the need comes after wedding. Besides, committing your vows to heart helps you to easily see the need to be committed to your spouse in spite of possible challenges.

Vows are not meant to make each other happy; they are a driving force to the last phase of your genuine love. Don’t make vows to please your partner as every promise made must be kept. Show it to you soul mate that you are faithful and a person of your word. Keep your vows.

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