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The Right Footwear For Your Big Day: 3 Tips To Consider In Choosing Your Appropriate Wedding Shoe

It is expected that the bride and groom desire to look elegant on their wedding day. The choice of wedding shoes goes a long way in adding to the couple’s overall appearance.  Beautiful and pretty shoes can give you the perfect Cinderella look but you may want to avoid sky-high shoes. Here are three important tips to help choose an appropriate shoe for your big day.

Tips To Consider In Choosing Your Appropriate Wedding Shoe

1. Comfort: This is the top factor you consider when choosing your footwear. This is because your guests expect you to rock the dance floor like it’s going to be your last dance. You wouldn’t want to disappoint them because your shoes are high, tight or loose. Choose a shoe that would make you walk confidentially with your head high.


2. Colour: The colour of your wedding shoe is something that has to do with your personal taste. Some would prefer a monochrome that is the shoe colour matches the wedding gown or suit, while others would prefer contrast colours such as brown, burgundy, purple etc.


3. Quality: Shoe quality is another important factor to be noted. Some couples opt for low quality shoes with the thought that no one would notice. Research says that your shoe may be the first thing people notice about you. Still, you may have the best tactics to hide your shoe, but they would definitely observe if one of the heels or soles removed as you are walking a distance. Then you would successfully be in the headlines.

I am not saying you must wear a shoe that is equivalent to your annual earning; there are other great quality foot wears that will sit right in your pocket.  Just make sure you choice right!


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