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Traditional Wedding: Do Or Die?

Many a time, I’ve heard the argument whether or not to have the traditional wedding. “Can we not just go to the church or registry?” They ask.

Well, let me answer. Traditional wedding is necessary. What, then, is the traditional wedding? Very simple. It is the presentation of gifts as requested by the bride’s parents/family and the pronouncement of blessings by the bride’s parents especially.

With this definition, we need not go through any more ado. You can plan your traditional wedding as it suits your preferences by mere application of this definition.

The following tips will guide you in your preparation:


1. Know the tribe you are marrying from/into:

This is very vital and cannot be over emphasized especially if it’s an inter-tribal marriage. There are three major tribes in Nigeria: Hausa, Yoruba, and Ibo. Under these three, we have several clans with differing cultural beliefs. You definitely want to know what they belief in that community you are marrying into.

2. Know your spouse’s family:

Know their way of life, beliefs, values, and areas of interest. This helps you to know how strongly they hold those beliefs.

3. Decide what you want in terms of taste and preferences:

Individually, the two of you should write out the things that matter the most to you and what will make you happy. Then, you can come together and compare the lists and work to achieve a common goal.

4. Use dialogue. Communicate often:

A relationship void of good communication is a failure before it starts. Wedding planning could be so draining, particularly if you have to do almost everything by yourself. Follow the principles of communication and talk with your spouse often. Don’t leave the other party in the dark.

5. Talk with your parents too:

Communicate your preferences to them. It’s your day, so help them to understand those things that matter to you, and that you consider will help you enjoy the day to its fullest.

Do I sound religious? Oh! Please, pray. You most likely want things to go as planned, don’t you? Prayer is the key!

Did you find this helpful? Or there are other tips not included? Please, feel free to leave a comment. I’d love to read from you as well.

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