10 Wedding Etiquettes Every Couple Should Observe

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When wedding etiquettes are mentioned,  most people think first of the wedding guests but the couple also need to also take note of these etiquettes whilst planning their wedding. We’ve made a list of wedding etiquettes of them below:

1. Family before Social Media:

First and very importantly, inform your family and close friends about your engagement before putting it up on social media. In this era of tweets and Instagram pictures, it is easy to get carried away and post your proposal pics & videos online even before informing the ones who really matter. Take a break, call your family and friends, they may feel terrible finding out on social media first.

2. Traditional over Tech Invitations:

Secondly, stick to the traditional paper invites, at least for your older guests. It does not have to come with a pop of confetti but can be simple and elegant, and try to address it to the person. Sending personalised invites to people shows thoughtfulness and makes them feel important and valued.

3.  Bridal Party Request:

Thirdly, don’t casually ask people to be on your bridal train. You can call or send them a personalised request card. It shows that you take them seriously and you really want them to be a part of your big day. Also, tell them what it’ll cost (if there is any) and what it will cover well before the day so they can prepare.

4.  Be Courteous:

Next, treat the people on your bridal train properly. Make preparations for their accommodation, feeding, styling and make-up. You definitely don’t want your bridesmaids looking tired on your big day. In addition, get them nice mementos, if you can.

5. Be on Time:

Even when “African time” may be the order of the day, do not put a false start time on the invitation, just to get people to come out early. Set a standard of what the new “African time” should be, and let your event begin as scheduled. You do not want to keep your guests waiting.

6. R.S.V.P. Contacts:

Inform those you want to as your R.S.V.P contacts in time and provide them with all the ceremony details they make require. You don’t want them They will most likely receive phone calls from guests and it will be somewhat awkward if they can’t answer the questions guests ask.

7. Know your team:

Just like the R.S.V.P, do inform anyone you’d like to play any role at your wedding way ahead of time, do not wait till the last minute to spring it up on them. It’s impolite and suggests they were last minute and they may not be available to do the work.  

8. Invitees:

Don’t send an invitation to someone who has told you that he or she would not be able to attend the wedding. If one of your friends or parents’ friends saw a pre-wedding picture and expressed their regrets of not being available on that day, do not send an invitation card. It sends a “you-must-send-me-a-gift” message which is not polite.

9. Bridezilla Mode

Another point to note is to not let the stress of wedding planning get to you. Do not snap at people and do not publicise your wedding hitches. Be as courteous as possible and only share the setbacks with those that matter.

10. Say Thank You

Finally, do well to send thank-you notes or text messages to those who attended, gave gifts or helped in one way or the other. It’s always important to remember to thank everyone who contributed to making your wedding a success. You never know when you might need to call on them again.

Now, there you have them. Wedding etiquettes are very important and people will be happy to have been a part of your big day.

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