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Wedding Checklist – What to do in the first 3 months after your engagement

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Congratulations on your engagement!! You’re just at the right place! Here’s a checklist of what you need to do in the first 3 months after your engagement! 

Using this wedding checklist reduces greatly your chances of leaving out any important things.

  1. Pick your date

You need to this early on and in time to allow you to plan properly and give your guests some time to plan to attend as well. You would need to discuss this with your spouse and families, to find a date that works for everyone.

  1. Set your wedding budget

Next, you need to set your wedding budget. This is a very key aspect of wedding planning, (which many people tend to neglect), as it will define a lot of other choices that you make throughout the planning period.

So, how much do you have or are you willing to spend on your wedding? Setting a budget would allow you eliminate some options and help your decision making easier.

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  1. Determine the number of your guests

The number of guest would help you stay in budget and determine the size and cost of your venue. 

  1. Determine your wedding theme

Do you want to go the royal route, fairytale or modern? Once you choose the theme, you can move forward with the rest of your wedding plans.

5. Start booking vendors: Venue

Hunt down your favorite vendors within your budget. It is important to do this early on, so your preferred vendors don’t get booked. The first vendor to lock down at this point is your venue.

  1. Draw up the bridal crew

Next, make a list of your bridal party. Your budget for the wedding would determine the number on your train and who they are. Give them enough time to plan and save for the occasion.

12 ways to Plan your Wedding on a Budget and Still ‘Wow’ your Guest

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When it comes to wedding planning, couples are often bombarded with tales and pictures of what makes a perfect day but you don’t need to break the bank to make your day memorable. We’ve put together a dozen ways you can save on your wedding on a budget and still make your guests go ‘wow’.

1. Start Planning Early

When you’re trying to have a wedding on a budget, it’s important to plan ahead. Starting your wedding planning from 9-12 months before your wedding would help you save some bucks. Use a wedding checklist and list everything you can think of. The earlier you get started, the less “last-minute stress” you’ll have, and the more time you’ll have to research good ideas and find sales and discounts.

2. Avoid “Hot Cake” Dates

If you or your family is not fixed on a “third Saturday in December” wedding, you may find that some dates are better priced than others. Venues and other vendors are also more likely to be cheaper and available if you choose an off season date.

3. Know Your Figures

You may think you want to achieve a wedding-on-a-budget but you don’t actually have a ‘figure’ for your wedding items on the top of your head or written in your planner or journal. Knowing your budget for each item would help you negotiate when interacting with vendors; and it’s not a bad idea to get a quote lower than your budget you could use the money towards other things like your honeymoon!

4. Use A Guest List, Be Strict With It And Collect RSVP’s

Yes, you might be tempted to send invites to everyone you know, old and new friends and maybe even acquaintances! But that isn’t always a great idea when you are trying to save money on your wedding. Create a minimal guest list and ask them to RSVP; so that you can know who is coming. Bear in mind that with each guest you add on your list, you’re adding extra costs while also making your wedding less intimate.

5. Pick a Location Or Destination That Has A Wedding Package

There are many hotels and resorts out there like Four Points by Sheraton in Lagos that have wedding packages including food, venue, cake, hotel rooms and so on. Ask if you can customize one of the basic packages by adding on a few elements to make it special.

6. Rent or Trade Your Wedding Dress

Unless you have a specific reason for owning a wedding dress, you really should consider renting one. However, if you want your unique design made or purchased, you could buy and sell back to your supplier or designer after the wedding.

7. Be a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Bride

If you are a creative, hands-on kind of bride, you could DIY as many of the details as you can. You could make table centre pieces, create handmade wedding invitations, arrange your bouquet, create sweetie tables; you could even bake cupcakes for a cupcake tower or make photo booth props,

8. Try Not To Mention The ‘W-Word’ At First When Hiring A Vendor.

Many vendors mark up their services just for weddings; majorly because of the added pressure and preparation it involves, or maybe just because they can. Try as much as you can to get an estimate for the services you need before revealing that it’s actually for your big day. You might be able to negotiate better when they suddenly try to hike up the price for the exact same service

9. Hire A Wedding-Day Coordinator

Hiring a coordinator or a planner should not be considered as an unnecessary additional cost. On the contrary, it may be a very necessary one, especially if you don’t have much time or if you are not so good with negotiation. You may be better off paying someone to take care of things like calling vendors, asking the questions you’d forget about, keeping you to a schedule, helping you stay on budget and so on.

10. Get Married On a Weekday

We all know most weddings take place on Saturdays. But choosing a less popular day like Monday, Thursday, Friday or Sunday—basically, any other day of the week—you’ll likely be able to score your ideal venue for a steal.

11. Go Minimal With Florals

Instead of spending lots of money on natural flowers (that have short lifespan) for decor and accessories, keep it simple but elegant. You could, alternatively go with artificial flowers instead. It’s likely that no one will notice.

12. Go Digital

Ditch paper invitations for online IV’s and save the dates. Create a wedding website that would let your guests get the wedding information and RSVP online. You could even collect your guests meal preferences online so you don’t waste money on excess food.

An Exclusive Interview with Timi Dakolo – April Issue 2019 Cover Story

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It was a bright and hot Tuesday morning, the breeze of Eko Atlantic City, ships horning from the Atlantic ocean; we had a great time shooting Timi Dakolo at the Pearl Café, Lagos. The mood was great, the pictures kept going from Kunmi Owopetu’s camera and the blue Agbada made and styled by SlyMonay attracted the Africans and Non-Africans in the environment to the phenomenal musician who sang at every other sentence! His consistency in delivering quality experiences as a musician and performer has made him become one of the most sought after artistes to make a great wedding happen. I could go on with phrases describing the quality of brand Timi Dakolo is but I doubt how authentic I would be. Everything about being a global brand to being a great husband and father is what you are about to read. Get comfortable, enjoy it and don’t forget to book him to make your event memorable!

What is your idea of a great wedding?

My idea of a great wedding is happy audience, beautiful ambience, free-flowing event, joyous bride & groom, plenty food, good music, an unending excitement, and happily ever after.

What do you consider the highlight of a wedding ceremony?

The highlight of a wedding ceremony is “You can now kiss the bride” “You are now pronounced man and wife” which is the most important part in the eyes of the society and the eyes of God and the fun that comes after that.

What is your most memorable experience while performing at a wedding?

The bride’s face full and filled with joy and saying “Thank You. Thank You” to her husband, “I Love this, this is the best gift you have given to me yet. You had this in mind. You told me he is not around, he is not in Nigeria, See, see you you you you, I Love You I Love You…” (that is when I perform). My heart was oozing with so much joy, to bring so much joy into someone’s life.

How do you see the value of the wedding industry in Nigeria?

It’s a big business, it isn’t what it used to be before, now it’s a big business, the budget for weddings are bigger, people now factor a lot of things into the wedding from the wedding planner’s commission, to the sound to the hall to the stage, pre-wedding shoots are lucrative for photographers, they factor a lot of things into it, the pictures, the album, the catering, it is big, it can only get better from here.

What potentials do you think African weddings should develop to become a global narrative?

In my opinion, African weddings should be African. Just like you can never see an Indian wedding being an English wedding, so we can be able to distinguish between an African wedding and which other wedding there is. An African wedding should have an African theme, and if it’s an Arabian wedding it’s an Arabian theme so when people show up they know they are coming to have an African experience at a wedding.

With your experience at weddings, how much value do you see the Nigerian/African entertainment industry getting from it?

One can’t go without the other because weddings are not moments of mourning. They are times for excitement and entertainment. People want to come and feel joy, share and feed off the energy of the bride and groom and have a great time. They usually go together except something goes wrong. They go hand in hand. There is a synergy they bring working together.

Can you share one of the weirdest conversations you’ve had with a couple trying to get you to perform at their wedding?

“Come and surprise us o, we don’t have any money.” “Where is the wedding happening?”. “Yola! Just come and surprise us, we are your biggest fans!”

Kindly describe your sound.

I wouldn’t put myself in a box to say I am an R&B singer, I’m a soul singer. I sing as I feel it, I sing as I hear it in my head. It depends on how the music comes. I never get to force creativity. When the music comes, I go with it.

How did you build your brand?

I built my brand intentionally. I have always loved Love songs. I have always had a thing for Love songs. It grew in me and I discovered that my thoughts and ideas always gravitated towards those kinds of songs. Common place, love song, say the things that people say normally but say it in my own way. I discovered that this is my strong point, whenever I say such things, it has a heavy meaning in people’s eyes and they go with it, we get on the same page so I told myself it’s always nice to put your best foot forward.

As a musician and an artiste, what do you think artistes from Africa should pay attention to today?

We should be true to our own sound. We should be unique. You can mimic but not copy entirely. I don’t think there is an end to creativity. I think it’s like an endless pit. We should always be quick to say we are Africans no matter how you sound, be quick to say you are African and you are from this part. There is nothing wrong with being black, there is nothing wrong in being African. Follow the sound, African music has so much soul, it has so much truth. I think because we have been through a lot, we are very close to our soul. Most of our sounds from ancient times are truth.

As a Nigerian artiste who has been successful with an alternative sound, what business advice would you give a budding artiste in your genre on growing her/his brand?

My advice will always be stay true to you. Stay true to what you feel. Stay true to what is YOU, what you are, because you can only fake it for so long… and if it doesn’t work you become frustrated. Don’t doubt what you have. People will come around and criticize you but once they realize this is what you want to do, they tend to welcome the idea that this is you and there is noting anyone can do about it.

Your music has an essence of its own – well balanced with lyrics, musical excellence and an often African (-ish) content, can you share with us the important things you consider when working on a track?

I like the taste of words so I would say I am a “lyric” person. When I sit down to write, my thoughts are basically lyrics and then rhythmwhat I want to say and how I want to say it. I am more of a lyrics person and I try to make it a common idea so even if you are not there, you tend to experience my music rather than just memorise it.

Our readers would like to know if you would be crashing weddings soon.

It depends on my mood; it depends on how I feel. I won’t say Yes, I won’t say No. Let me not “koba” myself.

We know ladies would appreciate having Timi Dakolo perform at their wedding, can you share some plans you might have to help get wedding ceremonies more interesting from 2019?

I think the most interesting thing for me is to create as much fun as I can and carry the audience along as much as I can with the song. I’m going to let them feel that I share the same Joy which they share on their special day

How long have you been married?

I have been married for 8 years.

As a husband, can you share 3 qualities you think a husband should possess in 2019?

Understanding. Have the mindset of family first. Give the woman the freedom to fly.

Can you share something that gets you laughing anytime, anywhere, about the Yard People?

My children are quite interesting. In fact, too interesting. They all have their different personalities. They are all word opinionated, independent and it’s something I’m consciously building in them- their ability to speak their mind at every point in time. Sometimes, they all want the same thing but want it in different ways. For example, when we are getting pizza, one wants it really thick, one wants it burnt and everyone is telling the person at the counter what they want. They want Ice cream, the big jar but they all want different flavors and arguing about it while I’m just there by their side watching them pick.

On parenting, tell us something great about it.

Parenting is an interesting job; you learn on it, it’s a job you learn while you are on it. You don’t come with a lot of experience. Parenting brings about the quality of responsibility, your ability to think for more than one person, your kids make you start thinking about the future; I’m talking from my own perspective now. Kids make you want to save, they make you not want to take decisions in a hurry.

This might not be a question but an open message to Busola can go here

I love her… I love You Busola!

Interview by Tomi Wale
Cover Photography by Kunmi Owopetu
Styled by Sly Monay

#JustWeded: Inspiring Love Story of Sozo and Josh

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I met Sozo around September 2015. My cousin had just come visiting from Abuja to Zaria where I was with my mum. Apparently, my cousin, Eka had come with Sozo and another friend of hers.

I saw Sozo but at first, she wasn’t my kind of girl, looked annoying, had a little bow legs and looked too serious. I think I still had my head up in the clouds so I didn’t see her well.

Well, I came back to Abuja much later and met her again and we became friends. We built real friendship from there.

I thought it was time I got serious with my relationship so I took out time to pray about my life partner. I had conviction and I simply got a ring. On the 25th of December same year, I came over to her and simply slipped a ring into it without her consent.

Well, we were so real as friends, so she laughed and we flowed like that. We grew to like ourselves too much before we fell in love. We simply were so real and true with ourselves.

Around October, we traveled to Jos to see her mum who was battling breast cancer then (we eventually lost her). Well, Sozo and I were with her and I thought it was time to slip the second ring. I went on my knees in the hospital and asked her to marry me in front of her mother after her mother had finished teasing me that I was behaving like an expecting hen when she saw my restlessness before proposing.

Well, we needed to be back to Abuja for an exam and catch up on some programs. On our way back to Abuja for an exam and catch up on some programs. On our way back, just an hour into Abuja at Kagarko, we had an accident.

It was a public vehicle but we three – Sozo, my cousin (the same cousin as above) and I were seated at the back. The driver was a bit unstable and we had warned him. Some minutes after, in the bid of trying to avoid an on coming truck overtaking another truck against our lane, to avoid a collusion, the car tumbled several times and that was it.

Sozo sustained multiple hip fractures which kept me on bed for three months and now better. Cousin had a femur fracture and now better.

But I had a spinal compression on my c5c6.
I underwent a surgery and subsequently sustained a bed sore of 7cm deep and 5cm wide and 7cm long.

I was transferred from National hospital to Zaria teaching hospital.
As soon as Sozo dropped her crutches, she came over to be with me and since been nursing me from January 2017 till date.

Sozo has stood by me till date.. She has been my strength, my courage, my push to keep my will going and she has this unwavering belief that id walk again. She never doubted not once. And I will.

My marvel is her strength. I know God is her source of energy.
Even after her going through a lot, losing her mum, her jobs, her home, she kept her life at a pause, just to help me back up is mind blowing.

If the world celebrates her, I would be fulfilled. She is my light. So I call her “Meira meaning “Light”.

I call her “Oluwatunuminu” meaning “God has given me a soothing relief for my soul”. I love her and she deserves the best.

Getting married to her was a step of faith and a proof of love and God made it a glorious and unforgettable experience.

We trust God that things will and are getting better even as we start a new home despite all odds.

Truth is, life is not about conditions but the positions that we create for ourselves. We may have as well decided to keep looking at the condition and stay sad and discouraged but knowing that where focus goes, energy flows, we didn’t allow our condition determine our position.

So back then in the ICU, I got inspired with a title of a book called “30” (Thirty). It is a gradual collation of simple principles and lessons I picked up surmounting the prevalent challenge I was facing.

I finished successfully and dedicated it at the wedding just as God had shown me back in the ICU.

I really wanna thank you for finding it in your heart to celebrate us especially my queen. My desire is to use this story to bless the lives of people and our generation and the coming ones with the message of love, patience, faithfulness, and help influence them from where they are to where they ought to be.

I’m a speaker and will keep at it till we create the change we all wanna see.
God bless your kind gesture of love and belief in our process.

Photography: Shoebox Photography

Maiden Edition Highlights

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Getweded Magazine’s maiden edition has tons of wedding ideas and planning tips to help you plan a wedding that totally matches your personal style. With this maiden edition of what is set to be a game changer, we do hope the contents – articles, inspirations et. al. contained in this magazine brings you many steps closer to enjoying your time from before your ‘Will you/Yes, I will’ moment to achieving your perfect ‘Do you/Yes I do’ day.

We have outlined a summary of some of what the magazine entails! You should download and enjoy it!

Beautiful Wedding Story of  Louisa x Dele

A ‘west meet east’ wedding, crossing cultures and national geographies to hold on to a life time of love, joy and the other nouns we look at when naming the best things in life. Their story is indeed a very inspiring story. 


Getweded: What major culture differences did you both have to deal with while you were still engaged?

Dele: You can’t underestimate how much culture shapes your personality and expectations. I was born and raised in Nigeria, whilst Louisa was born in Uganda but raised in the UK. So ultimately, we have three very different cultures to accommodate. These cultures influence the big and small things from food choices, to the type of programmes we like to watch, and ultimately how we plan and organise our household.


How to Plan Your Honeymoon in One Month (by Getweded)

Ok, so, he has popped the question, the wedding bells have been rung, and you’ve said ‘I do’ and now, it’s time for you both to be whisked away to your fairytale land for honeymoon, except, there’s no whisking away to anywhere, because you didn’t plan on time. Amidst the bustle and excitement of wedding planning, you forgot to plan the honeymoon, and now, you are out of time to find that perfect place and apply for the visa. Don’t worry, we are here to the rescue.

Find below a few tips on planning the perfect honeymoon, in less than a month.

  1. Stay local

Many people don’t immediately think of our home country, when they think of a romantic honeymoon getaway, but you’ll be amazed at what you’ll discover, when you open your mind to the possibilities. You get all the fun, without spending as much, and you can be off on a moment’s notice.

Some really nice honeymoon places you can find in Nigeria are:

  • Epe Resort & Spa
  • La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort
  • Le Meridien Ibom Golf Resort

 2. Visit Visa Free Countries

If you are out of time but would still like to visit other beautiful countries, consider these countries where you do not need a visa to go.


9-12 Months Wedding Calendar (by Getweded)

Just engaged? Starting to envision your wedding? Wondering about all the things you’ll need to do and when? Our month-by-month snapshot of all your wedding to-dos will steer you in the right direction.

9-12 months to your wedding

  • Pick your date
  • Set your wedding budget
  • Determine the number of your guests
  • Determine your wedding theme
  • Book Venue
  • Draw up the bridal crew

8 months to your wedding

  • Prepare Guest lists
  • Prepare yourself
  • The wedding dress!
  • Hire a wedding planner
  • Hire more Vendors: Décor, photographer…etc
  • Inform and meet with the officiant
  • Start Planning Honeymoon


Time is Not Your Foe: What a Desire to Pursue a Masters Program Has Taught Me About Marriage (by Kay Ugwuede)

I spent my year at the pre-science program of the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Akwa studying and falling in love. Or, at least I thought that was what it was. It was, really, an innocent awakening of hormones and unexplained increased heartbeats in the presence of a strong-jawed, piercing-eyed popular boy who wrote poetry. It quickly dissipated with time.

I’ve asked a number of close friends and social media acquaintances why they want to get married. Besides the rhetoric of companionship, safe and spiritually accurate sex, procreation and the ‘time being just right’, and this in relation to the construct of a time-keeping society, I don’t hear much about being ready – emotionally, mentally, physically, financially – a state of being that materializes with time.


4 Budgeting Tips for New Couples (by Getweded)

Dealing with and managing finances as a couple can be done in different ways. There is no one method that will suit every couple. Some may have joint accounts that work with their budget while some have two separate accounts and budget accordingly while others may prefer to have the same account for expenses they have in common but have separate personal accounts for separate expenses. The most important thing however, in spite of whatever approach you take, is how the money is effectively managed. Below are a few tips to help couples with budgeting:

  1. Communicate and Budget: To start out, you need to know out where all the money goes. One financial expert suggests that the couple should keep a financial diary (where every transaction will be recorded) for a period of time; say a week or a month. You can also make use of a spreadsheet to track your expenses, to know where the money is going and what amount is spent on what.
  2. Be informed: Do your research and determine what you want. Whether both of you are privy to finances and what it entails, or either one of you is the financial expert, or neither of you are, doing research will guide in knowing what you want and assist in setting goals and plans for your future regarding finances.


Single and Waiting (by Toye Sobande)

The other day while on a telephone conversation with a young friend of mine I listened to her aunt scream on top of her voice telling her 28 year old niece “being single is not a death sentence, singles need to wait on the Lord, you need to wait and let the Lord lead you to your spouse”.

If you have been within religious circles for a while you have heard this as an admonition or a sermon over and over again. However I just couldn’t get that statement off my mind and I kept asking myself the question; what does it mean to wait on the Lord especially with regards to dating, courtship and the all-important institutional relationship called marriage?


Defining your wedding vision (by Getweded)

Defining your wedding vision is an important first step in the wedding planning process. Luckily, we have 10 questions to help you figure it out. So, let’s get started!

  1. Emotional/experiential goals: What do you want your wedding experience to be? How do you want your guests to feel at your wedding?
  2. Wedding Theme: Do you have a theme? Is it classic, vintage or romantic?
  3. Wedding Date: What season of the year do you want to get married?
  4. Color Scheme: What colour combinations do you want for your wedding: floral, décor & attires?


Wedding Themes: Guide to choosing your wedding theme (by Getweded)

The most important thing about your wedding theme is that it must reflect your personality as a couple. A good wedding theme must also be able to unite every element of your wedding, including décor, attire, cake, food, flowers, invites and so on. Before choosing your wedding theme, answer these questions:


Choosing your wedding colors (by Getweded)

It is best to choose colours you really love, or can fall in love with, as your primary wedding colour. Then a few other colours that can complement it.

Before you choose a wedding colour,

  • Check meaning of the colour you pick, if meanings appeal to you.
  • Choose a colour that suits your wedding theme