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Before You Choose Your Wedding Colours I

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Hello Bridivas! Don’t we just love weddings? And what is one of the first things that come to mind when we start our wedding planning? Yes, you guessed right – colours, all the time. As women, we naturally drool on what colours to wear to what occasion and how  to or not to wear them.

Now, you have just been engaged or have even fixed your wedding date and you are yet unable to decide what your wedding colours should be? Recently, a bride whose wedding am planning called to say she had changed her mind about the wedding colours we had agreed on. In response to my “Why” question, she said a relative said the colours aren’t in vogue anymore. I couldn’t help but wonder what was more important: colours in vogue or colours that made you happy? Maybe you are in the same boat; your friends or relatives are saying one colour is not in vogue anymore. Relax. This post is for you.

Here are tips you should consider when deciding what wedding colours to choose for your big day.

1. Your Preferences

This is the most important factor to put into consideration when choosing a colour scheme. What colours reflect your personality? What shades make you smile and go “oh gosh, that is beautiful”?. You need to make sure you are happy, because, hey! it’s your memories you are creating, and you won’t get a second time (if all works according to plan). Also, thinking about those features you definitely  can’t do without at your wedding may be a pointer, for example, a specie of flowers? A special kind of décor item? You should consider these before choosing your colour scheme as they can help to inform your choice of colours.

2. Mood

I hear you asking what that is. Simple. What mood do you want to set for the day? Romantic? Intimate? Fun? Knowing what mood tone you want your big day to take on can help you to “easily” decide what your colour scheme should be.

3. Season

For our Nigerian brides, you know we understand seasons a bit differently, more in terms of holiday periods, and dry & rainy season. So, this may or may not completely apply to us. However,  consider the season when you are having your wedding: autumn, spring, winter or summer. There are colour hues for the different seasons.

Join us in the next episode for the concluding part of this article. Till I write your way, dear Bridiva, stay collected, your big day will be beautiful. Cheers!

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