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Before You Choose Your Wedding Colours II

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Welcome to the second and concluding edition of this article. Like I introduced in the previous edition, colour schemes are a very import part of the wedding planning. The reason is, almost every other aspect is hinged on this ( choice of colour) – the hall decorations, the attires (including aso-ebi), your bouquet, invitation cards, etc. 

You remember the allusion I made to the bride whose wedding I helped plan right? So, for the longest time the bride couldn’t decide what colour scheme she wanted due to varying  opinions (from friends and families) My advice to her is what I will share in the article. Let’s go!

You (the bride) are the “author and finisher” of your wedding plans which include colour scheme. How do I mean? It’s your big day and so your bidding is what should be done. I don’t mean that you will plan and execute it all by yourself nor am I saying you should become a lord over everyone assisting you. What I mean rather is that you should paint a picture of how you would like your big day to look like and the things you want to be put in place to achieve that. I digress:

    1. Don’t let anyone talk you out of what you like and believe will bring you satisfaction, except of course, it’s an awkward combo like lime, yellow and pink. As long as the colours blend well, you are good to go.
    2. I put this opinion of mine to you: there is no such thing as a colour not being in vogue. Who says? Although some people do believe such, don’t be swayed. If want you want is white and wine, don’t shake. Go for it! Thanks to the troupe of fashionistas today. They make all sorts of combinations beautiful.
    3. It’s okay, possibly even great, to be different. You don’t have to stick to the norm, especially if you are that lady who hardly ever likes to be conventional. Have you seen black and white wedding colour schemes? You should see some. There is this tag put on black – like a colour that portrays sadness so no one (at least not in Nigeria) wants to associate with it (especially for weddings). However, as you have seen, that isn’t the case. Black and white wedding colour scheme is just as beautiful as any other colour scheme.

In summary: the right dose of zeal plus creativity can help you achieve that dream wedding of yours. And to crown it all, what you need is a balance of the colour combos and you are good for your big day!

Stay colourful as you prepare to Getweded!

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