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#JustWeded: “We Never Expected To Fall in Love” – Sola & Bola #SBUnion19

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Read all about Bola & Seun love story and enjoy their beautiful pre-wedding, traditional and white wedding pictures captured by Diko Photography.

There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved. I found that in Seun (a.k.a Mr Yuppie). It wasn’t really love at first sight, it was love that grew in friendship. We met in ICAN class, very randomly.

We became good friends due to study sessions we had together. I was the “book smart” while he was “street smart” and my mini encyclopedia (I ask him for all the history and current updates).

We complimented each other and officially started dating in March 2016. We both achieved the main goal of our friendship in May 2017 as Chartered Accountants (ACA).

“We never expected to fall in love, but guess what! Love always find you where you least expect”


Bride: Bola @cuteebeee
Groom: Seun @seunyuppie

Photography: @dikophotography
Planner: @glam1907events
Makeup: @mosewabeauty_
Asooke: @blinkybolaasooke
Fabric: @brasasfabrics
Wedding dress: @lacharisnigeria
Outfits tailored: @lydiablacofficial
Hair: @tayofatokun_


#JustWeded: Ours wasn’t ‘love at first sight’ – Ayoola & Bamise #AyoBami2019

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Read all about Bamise & Ayoola’s love story, proposal, and wedding planning  experience. Their beautiful photographs were captured by Kunmi Owopetu & Adeola Orebiyi.

“Ours wasn’t ‘love at first sight’ like it is for a lot of people”

Ayooola (Groom):

We met as undergraduates at the University. We were both members of a student entrepreneurship organization call SIFE, now ENACTUS. As executive members responsible for the delivery of different projects, we had to work together. She was the secretary so I relied on her for reports. It was all business at first until we change the story.
Ours wasn’t ‘love at first sight’ like it is for a lot of people. We were two different people and one would wonder how we will ever keep up anything intimate. I could make do with crazy jeans and dreadlocks but she was the homely church girl. She is smart and would always wear a beautiful smile whenever we hang out. I found that attractive.

Our first date was on Valentine’s day 2011 and it was the first time her dad won’t be her date. I had it planned out but it turned out my perfect spot for a table for two had been booked for a party organized by our mutual friends in school.

We joined the party and that saved my money. It was my lucky day. We were both in different disciplines but we spent some times studying for exams together. Had lots of late night walks and I asked her to be my girl one of those nights. She pulled the usual girls’ stunt and didn’t say YES immediately. She eventually did after about four weeks and that was the beginning of our beautiful love story.

The Proposal

Seven years later on her way back from a trip to the Netherlands where she represented her firm at the One Young World Summit, I was to pick her up from the airport and straight to a restaurant to get a proper Naija food with pepper (as a confirm Yoruba woman) after being fed with only oyinbo vegetables. It was routine, after every trip back home, the first stop is to a restaurant and so was my best shot for a quite proposal.

I made an arrangement for a table for four at one of the quite restaurants at GRA, Ikeja. I got my friend to invite one of her friends for a date at the same restaurant. It was a set-up, she had no idea what was going down. They were both surprised to be at the same place for dinner but she had lots to share about her trip so it was food and gist. She was sharing her flight experience when I went on my knee to ask her to Marry Me.

They both screamed out of excitement and I got my YES right there!

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What’s the most memorable part of your wedding?

The exchange of Vows

How did you both react when you first saw each other on the wedding day?

We had our ‘Agbero’ greetings…..
Me: Padi mi, you look sweet baby. I am taking you away finally today.
Wifey: Oshey, Padi mi (Thank you, my guy)

[Groom continues]:

I had never seen her that beautiful. I was happy and I could feel the joy all over her. She had her best smile on.

We both admired our outfits. My Agbada was super on-point that I made Ebuka a learner. After admiring our outfits, we started dancing without music. Lol.

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Tell us the one thing you wish you knew before starting your wedding plans

Since the wedding ceremony was to hold in Ibadan, We wish we had considered Redemption Camp Holy Service that usually holds at the first week of every month while picking the wedding date. A lot of wedding guests from Lagos spent long hours in traffic and some had to turn back home. We wish they did not have to go through the troubles.

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Okay now that you’ve joined the club, what advise do you have for those yet to ‘getweded’?

Be sincere with yourselves, be best of friends with your spouse, ignore societal pressure and trust God in your unique journey.

Who were your favorite wedding vendors?

@lafupcfr @Moeventsville @xtrime @native_doctors @kunmi.owopetu @tessloconcepts @Ho3dweddings

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Makeup: @makeupbyara__
Hair: @hairbydayjee
Videography: @ho3dweddings
Bride’s trad outfit: @bittanycouture
Bridal party’s rompers: @bittanycouture
Photography: @kunmi.owopetu @ysldavies @adeolaorebiyi
Cake: @chopznskillz
Caterer: @vylv_events
Small chops: @smoothies_n_more
Cocktail: @chopznskillz
Asun+ bbq: @bankyloolascuisine
Decor: @la_decor_events
DJ: @djvikkilee
Band: @dare.another.level
MC: @lafupcfr
Signages & table numbers: @tee_top_ties
Ushers: @i_ebunoluwa
Planning & Coordination: @moeventsville

#JustWeded: The OHUnion – The Traditional Wedding!

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Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but this Igbo bride is definitely a beauty to behold!



I am looking for my husband….

look into my eyes…. what do you see?

Can you tell what’s written on the fan? He does look like a good in-law, doesn’t he?

The Squad




Vendor Credits

Bride: Oge @gechy2
Groom: Harry
Photography: @dikophotography
Video: @dikofilms
All bride dresses: @ehi.ehi
Makeup and Gele: @sleekbeautyshop
Hair Stylist: @liisignature
Cake: @cakesbyperiwinkles
Decoration: @davis_event_palace
Groom attire: @wanikoyakubu88
Planner: @mz_fancyface_

#JustWeded: We can tell it’s Love: Bolaji & Morin’s White Wedding

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Walk  with us as we enjoy the Bolaji-Morin experience.

Love is a beautiful thing, when you have found that person to share your life with.

Gearing up for the big day:

The bride’s ladies. Yessss, we see you little one, your big day will come too.

That moment when you think back and you can’t help but smile and be grateful at how blessed you are.

The friends who will always be by your side, and of course, dress you up for your special day.

The Look Reveal: Watch out for the groom’s reaction, it was unexpected!

The joy, when you know you made the right choice, and seeing a smile on this one face will always put a smile on yours.

The Squad:

The Firsts:

The first kiss…… Or is it?

First Dance

I want to keep holding you till forever

The Game:

And it’s ‘gbedu’ time!!!

Thank you for sharing in our joy



Planner: @letstalkevents01
Photo: @shoeboxng
Video: @lexa_imagery for shoebox
Bouquet: @kambil.ng
Mua: @ritzanders
Hair: @Sams_aesthetics
Grooms suit: @theroyalapparelcouture
Brides dress: @bandoraonline

#JustEngaged: “Love at First Sight” – The Love Story of Florah and Gbenga

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Our latest couple Florah and Gbenga share with us how they got here.
P.S I’m sure some of us can relate. Enjoy the read.

It began 2015 precisely in Ibadan Nigeria.

Florah (Bride-to-be)

After my redeployment from Mangu camp Jos, posting started and I was taken to Ibadan north LGA (SUBEB). I was new to the lifestyle and culture of the land. Luckily, I got a place to stay with a friend in Ibadan Grammar School (which happens to be the secondary school he finished from). The corpers lodge was another life experience entirely, thanks to Moremi and MTH experience so nothing was new.
We have a mutual connection (our parents), who helped to be my care taker during my stay. So fast forward after 3 months I visited his family house and that was where the first conversation started. A lanky tall guy on a blue pair of pants and Panama face cap stood in front of me. We gisted precisely for 2 hours. It was pretty much about music, school and fellowship experience back in Uni.

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From our conversation I could tell he is friendly and loves God. His wooing style wasn’t direct, as he stylishly asked if I would love to see a movie. I accepted as I was bored at that moment.
The movie ended with me almost freezing out but was saved by Mr Gentleman who gave me his jacket (like jack in titanic nigga was shaking but holding back🤣🤣lol). He offered to buy me dinner and I obliged (being that hunger couldn’t let me be), I said no outrightly but yes in my head lol.
We gisted through the food and next thing I said was “I’m in a relationship although we’re not in a good place at the moment but I can’t cheat” he said okay like I never said anything.

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Fast forward he got home by 11:30pm because we stood under the Molete bridge waiting for a bike but found none and he ended up walking me home before he went home.
Fast forward same year he travelled for his course in India but kept in touch. Always in my business, kept asking all that went on during the day. I was addicted to skype because of him. I wasn’t in India but pretty much have a picture of how India looks from all the gists. No dull or dry gist we just kept talking.
After he got back, at the point I was passing out too from NYSC, everything began to sync We never rushed things we just allowed everything play out itself. From our plenty fights that always brought us back it was really love unplanned. I never knew I can love again after some not so nice experiences.

Now I’m getting married to my friend. One who set high unimaginable standards for me, who wants me to face life anytime whether he’s there or not. The most intelligent hacker alive.

Gbenga (Groom)

For me it was love at first sight no waste of time. When you see what you want go for it with no delay lol.
It was friendship at first but somehow we both knew we wanted more. She wanted to play, I wanted to play but we ended up just sticking to each other. We started when we both had nothing.

Swipe to see their beautiful photos!!!

I like her patience, I like her resilience and I like her spirit to hustle. She was right to say it wasn’t planned but as a sharp guy I knew what I wanted.
We broke up 100 times and got back 100 times, for me Christ taught us to forgive ahead before a sin is even committed. That had kept us. I told you I’d stick to you like a bamboo and now we’re counting down to forever!

Me & You Forever

Wedding Hashtag – #FG19


#JustWeded: Inspiring Love Story of Sozo and Josh

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I met Sozo around September 2015. My cousin had just come visiting from Abuja to Zaria where I was with my mum. Apparently, my cousin, Eka had come with Sozo and another friend of hers.

I saw Sozo but at first, she wasn’t my kind of girl, looked annoying, had a little bow legs and looked too serious. I think I still had my head up in the clouds so I didn’t see her well.

Well, I came back to Abuja much later and met her again and we became friends. We built real friendship from there.

I thought it was time I got serious with my relationship so I took out time to pray about my life partner. I had conviction and I simply got a ring. On the 25th of December same year, I came over to her and simply slipped a ring into it without her consent.

Well, we were so real as friends, so she laughed and we flowed like that. We grew to like ourselves too much before we fell in love. We simply were so real and true with ourselves.

Around October, we traveled to Jos to see her mum who was battling breast cancer then (we eventually lost her). Well, Sozo and I were with her and I thought it was time to slip the second ring. I went on my knees in the hospital and asked her to marry me in front of her mother after her mother had finished teasing me that I was behaving like an expecting hen when she saw my restlessness before proposing.

Well, we needed to be back to Abuja for an exam and catch up on some programs. On our way back to Abuja for an exam and catch up on some programs. On our way back, just an hour into Abuja at Kagarko, we had an accident.

It was a public vehicle but we three – Sozo, my cousin (the same cousin as above) and I were seated at the back. The driver was a bit unstable and we had warned him. Some minutes after, in the bid of trying to avoid an on coming truck overtaking another truck against our lane, to avoid a collusion, the car tumbled several times and that was it.

Sozo sustained multiple hip fractures which kept me on bed for three months and now better. Cousin had a femur fracture and now better.

But I had a spinal compression on my c5c6.
I underwent a surgery and subsequently sustained a bed sore of 7cm deep and 5cm wide and 7cm long.

I was transferred from National hospital to Zaria teaching hospital.
As soon as Sozo dropped her crutches, she came over to be with me and since been nursing me from January 2017 till date.

Sozo has stood by me till date.. She has been my strength, my courage, my push to keep my will going and she has this unwavering belief that id walk again. She never doubted not once. And I will.

My marvel is her strength. I know God is her source of energy.
Even after her going through a lot, losing her mum, her jobs, her home, she kept her life at a pause, just to help me back up is mind blowing.

If the world celebrates her, I would be fulfilled. She is my light. So I call her “Meira meaning “Light”.

I call her “Oluwatunuminu” meaning “God has given me a soothing relief for my soul”. I love her and she deserves the best.

Getting married to her was a step of faith and a proof of love and God made it a glorious and unforgettable experience.

We trust God that things will and are getting better even as we start a new home despite all odds.

Truth is, life is not about conditions but the positions that we create for ourselves. We may have as well decided to keep looking at the condition and stay sad and discouraged but knowing that where focus goes, energy flows, we didn’t allow our condition determine our position.

So back then in the ICU, I got inspired with a title of a book called “30” (Thirty). It is a gradual collation of simple principles and lessons I picked up surmounting the prevalent challenge I was facing.

I finished successfully and dedicated it at the wedding just as God had shown me back in the ICU.

I really wanna thank you for finding it in your heart to celebrate us especially my queen. My desire is to use this story to bless the lives of people and our generation and the coming ones with the message of love, patience, faithfulness, and help influence them from where they are to where they ought to be.

I’m a speaker and will keep at it till we create the change we all wanna see.
God bless your kind gesture of love and belief in our process.

Photography: Shoebox Photography