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Wedding Checklist – What to do in the first 3 months after your engagement

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Congratulations on your engagement!! You’re just at the right place! Here’s a checklist of what you need to do in the first 3 months after your engagement! 

Using this wedding checklist reduces greatly your chances of leaving out any important things.

  1. Pick your date

You need to this early on and in time to allow you to plan properly and give your guests some time to plan to attend as well. You would need to discuss this with your spouse and families, to find a date that works for everyone.

  1. Set your wedding budget

Next, you need to set your wedding budget. This is a very key aspect of wedding planning, (which many people tend to neglect), as it will define a lot of other choices that you make throughout the planning period.

So, how much do you have or are you willing to spend on your wedding? Setting a budget would allow you eliminate some options and help your decision making easier.

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  1. Determine the number of your guests

The number of guest would help you stay in budget and determine the size and cost of your venue. 

  1. Determine your wedding theme

Do you want to go the royal route, fairytale or modern? Once you choose the theme, you can move forward with the rest of your wedding plans.

5. Start booking vendors: Venue

Hunt down your favorite vendors within your budget. It is important to do this early on, so your preferred vendors don’t get booked. The first vendor to lock down at this point is your venue.

  1. Draw up the bridal crew

Next, make a list of your bridal party. Your budget for the wedding would determine the number on your train and who they are. Give them enough time to plan and save for the occasion.

12 ways to Plan your Wedding on a Budget and Still ‘Wow’ your Guest

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When it comes to wedding planning, couples are often bombarded with tales and pictures of what makes a perfect day but you don’t need to break the bank to make your day memorable. We’ve put together a dozen ways you can save on your wedding on a budget and still make your guests go ‘wow’.

1. Start Planning Early

When you’re trying to have a wedding on a budget, it’s important to plan ahead. Starting your wedding planning from 9-12 months before your wedding would help you save some bucks. Use a wedding checklist and list everything you can think of. The earlier you get started, the less “last-minute stress” you’ll have, and the more time you’ll have to research good ideas and find sales and discounts.

2. Avoid “Hot Cake” Dates

If you or your family is not fixed on a “third Saturday in December” wedding, you may find that some dates are better priced than others. Venues and other vendors are also more likely to be cheaper and available if you choose an off season date.

3. Know Your Figures

You may think you want to achieve a wedding-on-a-budget but you don’t actually have a ‘figure’ for your wedding items on the top of your head or written in your planner or journal. Knowing your budget for each item would help you negotiate when interacting with vendors; and it’s not a bad idea to get a quote lower than your budget you could use the money towards other things like your honeymoon!

4. Use A Guest List, Be Strict With It And Collect RSVP’s

Yes, you might be tempted to send invites to everyone you know, old and new friends and maybe even acquaintances! But that isn’t always a great idea when you are trying to save money on your wedding. Create a minimal guest list and ask them to RSVP; so that you can know who is coming. Bear in mind that with each guest you add on your list, you’re adding extra costs while also making your wedding less intimate.

5. Pick a Location Or Destination That Has A Wedding Package

There are many hotels and resorts out there like Four Points by Sheraton in Lagos that have wedding packages including food, venue, cake, hotel rooms and so on. Ask if you can customize one of the basic packages by adding on a few elements to make it special.

6. Rent or Trade Your Wedding Dress

Unless you have a specific reason for owning a wedding dress, you really should consider renting one. However, if you want your unique design made or purchased, you could buy and sell back to your supplier or designer after the wedding.

7. Be a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Bride

If you are a creative, hands-on kind of bride, you could DIY as many of the details as you can. You could make table centre pieces, create handmade wedding invitations, arrange your bouquet, create sweetie tables; you could even bake cupcakes for a cupcake tower or make photo booth props,

8. Try Not To Mention The ‘W-Word’ At First When Hiring A Vendor.

Many vendors mark up their services just for weddings; majorly because of the added pressure and preparation it involves, or maybe just because they can. Try as much as you can to get an estimate for the services you need before revealing that it’s actually for your big day. You might be able to negotiate better when they suddenly try to hike up the price for the exact same service

9. Hire A Wedding-Day Coordinator

Hiring a coordinator or a planner should not be considered as an unnecessary additional cost. On the contrary, it may be a very necessary one, especially if you don’t have much time or if you are not so good with negotiation. You may be better off paying someone to take care of things like calling vendors, asking the questions you’d forget about, keeping you to a schedule, helping you stay on budget and so on.

10. Get Married On a Weekday

We all know most weddings take place on Saturdays. But choosing a less popular day like Monday, Thursday, Friday or Sunday—basically, any other day of the week—you’ll likely be able to score your ideal venue for a steal.

11. Go Minimal With Florals

Instead of spending lots of money on natural flowers (that have short lifespan) for decor and accessories, keep it simple but elegant. You could, alternatively go with artificial flowers instead. It’s likely that no one will notice.

12. Go Digital

Ditch paper invitations for online IV’s and save the dates. Create a wedding website that would let your guests get the wedding information and RSVP online. You could even collect your guests meal preferences online so you don’t waste money on excess food.

The Right Wedding Shoes: How to Choose For Your Big Day

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We know the wedding dress is usually considered the most important part of a bride’s wedding attire. However, the right wedding shoes and jewelry are also very crucial to the success of the bridal ensemble. The right shoe can give you the perfect look, but be wary of uncomfortably high stilettos as they can mar your day.

Here are six important factors to consider in picking the right wedding shoes for your special day.

1. Size:

Yes, this may seem rather obvious but you’ll be amazed at how many brides wear shoes that are too small or too big for them. This may be because they love the shoes and can’t find one in their size or they were bought online and don’t fit just right. If they are too small, try using shoe stretchers and if too big, try some shoe pads. Either way, do make sure to try them on before the day to ensure they fit properly. Otherwise, get yourself a pair that fits.

2. Style/Colour: 

The shoe is an accessory to the dress. Therefore, in choosing the right shoe, you need to keep in mind your wedding dress – the style, colour and textures. If your dress is all glitz and glam, the shoes should take on that style as well, and if it’s lace and frills, then you should pick shoes to go with the theme. 

As you would obviously choose the dress before the shoes, the right shoes should also reflect your personal taste. Some may prefer monochrome and others contrast. Either way, make sure to pick shoes that complement the dress.

3. Comfort:

This is a major factor to consider when shopping for wedding shoes. It is your happy day and it undoubtedly won’t be so happy if you spent all day thinking about the pinch on your toes or making a mental note to tread carefully so you don’t break a heel. Also, the dance floor awaits, and comfort is key to rocking it.

4. The Venue:

I know, you are asking: “What does my wedding venue have to do with my shoes?” Actually, a lot. You need to put into consideration the floors on which the shoes will walk when purchasing the shoes. If planning an outdoor wedding on rocky areas or a place with uneven grounds or even the beach, consider low heels or even wedges to allow you walk properly. For slippery floors, an extra layer of protection over the heels, or soles  with better grip would be the way to go. You don’t want an tripping up on your day. Alternatively, if you are having a ballroom type of wedding, opt for a classic pair. They won’t look out of place with the glam and decor.

5. Budget:

As we know, the budget is always popping up in every area of wedding planning. Because the planning can be quite expensive and people usually tend to go overboard when they aren’t keeping track, it is important to have a wedding budget and a budget for the shoes. Also keep in mind, if you are thinking of getting a second pair of shoes for the reception or after party. If money isn’t a problem, by all means, spend on the shoes. If you are, however, like most reasonable couples, and are keeping more important things in view, setting a budget would help speed up your decision process and you can still find the right shoes that will sit right in your pocket. 

6. Recyclables:

So, we live in a green age, where reducing waste and keeping the environment healthy is important. Fear not, am not about to suggest you choose biodegradable shoes (although that won’t be terrible). However, you want to choose shoes that you can wear and re wear after your wedding day. No wisdom in adding more clutter to your wardrobe in form of wedding shoes that most likely won’t be worn again but to which you have sentimental attachments and would probably not want to get rid of.

Now you have your six (6) tips, now go get yourself the right wedding shoes and walk the aisle in perfect.

Before You Choose Your Wedding Colours II

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Welcome to the second and concluding edition of this article. Like I introduced in the previous edition, colour schemes are a very import part of the wedding planning. The reason is, almost every other aspect is hinged on this ( choice of colour) – the hall decorations, the attires (including aso-ebi), your bouquet, invitation cards, etc. 

You remember the allusion I made to the bride whose wedding I helped plan right? So, for the longest time the bride couldn’t decide what colour scheme she wanted due to varying  opinions (from friends and families) My advice to her is what I will share in the article. Let’s go!

You (the bride) are the “author and finisher” of your wedding plans which include colour scheme. How do I mean? It’s your big day and so your bidding is what should be done. I don’t mean that you will plan and execute it all by yourself nor am I saying you should become a lord over everyone assisting you. What I mean rather is that you should paint a picture of how you would like your big day to look like and the things you want to be put in place to achieve that. I digress:

    1. Don’t let anyone talk you out of what you like and believe will bring you satisfaction, except of course, it’s an awkward combo like lime, yellow and pink. As long as the colours blend well, you are good to go.
    2. I put this opinion of mine to you: there is no such thing as a colour not being in vogue. Who says? Although some people do believe such, don’t be swayed. If want you want is white and wine, don’t shake. Go for it! Thanks to the troupe of fashionistas today. They make all sorts of combinations beautiful.
    3. It’s okay, possibly even great, to be different. You don’t have to stick to the norm, especially if you are that lady who hardly ever likes to be conventional. Have you seen black and white wedding colour schemes? You should see some. There is this tag put on black – like a colour that portrays sadness so no one (at least not in Nigeria) wants to associate with it (especially for weddings). However, as you have seen, that isn’t the case. Black and white wedding colour scheme is just as beautiful as any other colour scheme.

In summary: the right dose of zeal plus creativity can help you achieve that dream wedding of yours. And to crown it all, what you need is a balance of the colour combos and you are good for your big day!

Stay colourful as you prepare to Getweded!

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Before You Choose Your Wedding Colours I

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Hello Bridivas! Don’t we just love weddings? And what is one of the first things that come to mind when we start our wedding planning? Yes, you guessed right – colours, all the time. As women, we naturally drool on what colours to wear to what occasion and how  to or not to wear them.

Now, you have just been engaged or have even fixed your wedding date and you are yet unable to decide what your wedding colours should be? Recently, a bride whose wedding am planning called to say she had changed her mind about the wedding colours we had agreed on. In response to my “Why” question, she said a relative said the colours aren’t in vogue anymore. I couldn’t help but wonder what was more important: colours in vogue or colours that made you happy? Maybe you are in the same boat; your friends or relatives are saying one colour is not in vogue anymore. Relax. This post is for you.

Here are tips you should consider when deciding what wedding colours to choose for your big day.

1. Your Preferences

This is the most important factor to put into consideration when choosing a colour scheme. What colours reflect your personality? What shades make you smile and go “oh gosh, that is beautiful”?. You need to make sure you are happy, because, hey! it’s your memories you are creating, and you won’t get a second time (if all works according to plan). Also, thinking about those features you definitely  can’t do without at your wedding may be a pointer, for example, a specie of flowers? A special kind of décor item? You should consider these before choosing your colour scheme as they can help to inform your choice of colours.

2. Mood

I hear you asking what that is. Simple. What mood do you want to set for the day? Romantic? Intimate? Fun? Knowing what mood tone you want your big day to take on can help you to “easily” decide what your colour scheme should be.

3. Season

For our Nigerian brides, you know we understand seasons a bit differently, more in terms of holiday periods, and dry & rainy season. So, this may or may not completely apply to us. However,  consider the season when you are having your wedding: autumn, spring, winter or summer. There are colour hues for the different seasons.

Join us in the next episode for the concluding part of this article. Till I write your way, dear Bridiva, stay collected, your big day will be beautiful. Cheers!

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