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The Right Wedding Shoes: How to Choose For Your Big Day

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We know the wedding dress is usually considered the most important part of a bride’s wedding attire. However, the right wedding shoes and jewelry are also very crucial to the success of the bridal ensemble. The right shoe can give you the perfect look, but be wary of uncomfortably high stilettos as they can mar your day.

Here are six important factors to consider in picking the right wedding shoes for your special day.

1. Size:

Yes, this may seem rather obvious but you’ll be amazed at how many brides wear shoes that are too small or too big for them. This may be because they love the shoes and can’t find one in their size or they were bought online and don’t fit just right. If they are too small, try using shoe stretchers and if too big, try some shoe pads. Either way, do make sure to try them on before the day to ensure they fit properly. Otherwise, get yourself a pair that fits.

2. Style/Colour: 

The shoe is an accessory to the dress. Therefore, in choosing the right shoe, you need to keep in mind your wedding dress – the style, colour and textures. If your dress is all glitz and glam, the shoes should take on that style as well, and if it’s lace and frills, then you should pick shoes to go with the theme. 

As you would obviously choose the dress before the shoes, the right shoes should also reflect your personal taste. Some may prefer monochrome and others contrast. Either way, make sure to pick shoes that complement the dress.

3. Comfort:

This is a major factor to consider when shopping for wedding shoes. It is your happy day and it undoubtedly won’t be so happy if you spent all day thinking about the pinch on your toes or making a mental note to tread carefully so you don’t break a heel. Also, the dance floor awaits, and comfort is key to rocking it.

4. The Venue:

I know, you are asking: “What does my wedding venue have to do with my shoes?” Actually, a lot. You need to put into consideration the floors on which the shoes will walk when purchasing the shoes. If planning an outdoor wedding on rocky areas or a place with uneven grounds or even the beach, consider low heels or even wedges to allow you walk properly. For slippery floors, an extra layer of protection over the heels, or soles  with better grip would be the way to go. You don’t want an tripping up on your day. Alternatively, if you are having a ballroom type of wedding, opt for a classic pair. They won’t look out of place with the glam and decor.

5. Budget:

As we know, the budget is always popping up in every area of wedding planning. Because the planning can be quite expensive and people usually tend to go overboard when they aren’t keeping track, it is important to have a wedding budget and a budget for the shoes. Also keep in mind, if you are thinking of getting a second pair of shoes for the reception or after party. If money isn’t a problem, by all means, spend on the shoes. If you are, however, like most reasonable couples, and are keeping more important things in view, setting a budget would help speed up your decision process and you can still find the right shoes that will sit right in your pocket. 

6. Recyclables:

So, we live in a green age, where reducing waste and keeping the environment healthy is important. Fear not, am not about to suggest you choose biodegradable shoes (although that won’t be terrible). However, you want to choose shoes that you can wear and re wear after your wedding day. No wisdom in adding more clutter to your wardrobe in form of wedding shoes that most likely won’t be worn again but to which you have sentimental attachments and would probably not want to get rid of.

Now you have your six (6) tips, now go get yourself the right wedding shoes and walk the aisle in perfect.