Frequently Asked Questions

If you're hiring
If you're a vendor
  1. What services do you offer to help make my wedding planning easier?
  • We take away the hassles of getting vendors, and find and match you to top vendors. We handpick pre-vetted service providers to meet your specific needs.
  • We also help you to manage the vendors from start to finish to ensure they deliver your job perfectly; on our budget, style and needs.


  1. Are Getweded’s planning services free?
  • Yes, you do not have to pay to use our vendor matching and vendor management services


  1. Can Getweded help plan my wedding to suit my budget?
  • We don’t give full planning services such as theme, colour etc; but we do match you to the best wedding team that you’ll love.


  1. Do you offer free consultations?
  • Yes, we do give free online consultations to couples, to ask specific questions and to a have a first-hand understanding of what is needed. You can start now by scheduling a chat with us.


  1. How does Getweded's vendor bidding system work?
  • After you make request and description about what you need, your budget and number of guests; Our vendors receive the requests and they instantly bid for the project. We send the bids to the couples and they can hire their favorite vendor(s).


  1. What is the simple process of hiring vendors?
  • Make a request
  • Get bids instantly from pros ready to do the job
  • Message them instantly, check profile
  • Hire your favorite vendor
  • Collaborate
  • Track


  1. How do I pay vendors and do I get an official invoice?
  • Getweded makes paying vendors simple and secure. To keep you safe, payments are made through  Getweded and you will get an official invoice for every payment made. 
  • Payments can be done in installments, or for the entire project. With our couple protection, money is only paid to vendors for work you authorize or as pre-set milestones are met.


  1. What if the vendors don’t deliver?
  • We manage vendors progress to ensure your job is done. So we assure you that our vendors will deliver your job perfectly and on time.
  • In cases vendors don’t deliver, Getweded refunds you.


  1. How do I track the work progress of the vendor?
  • We give monthly and weekly reports and timelines of the vendors


  1. Are Getweded’s vendors verified?
  • All vendors undergo extensive background and identity checks. Always have peace of mind. Trust and safety are our top priorities.


  1. What does it cost to be listed as a vendor?
  • Signing up as a vendor on getweded.com is absolutely free.


  1. What unique services do you offer my business?
  • We provide you with clients requests 
  • We also provide project management and client management tools for  effective work management


  1. How can I have advantage over other vendors OR Do you have premium vendor packages?
  • Not for now. While we offer free vendor listing and other tools for businesses in order to support you, we understand that some vendors may need more benefits. Our  premium package is coming soon.


  1. How does the vendor bidding system work?
  • You will receive clients request instantly via email and sms; with the clients job details, budget and description. You can then bid for the client's job by giving your own quotes. We send your quotes to the client and the client hires their favorite vendor.


  1. How will clients get to know about my business amongst the clutter of other vendors?
  • Our model allows for a transparent and merit system of meeting potential clients. Your social media profile, reviews, past jobs and customer service are important information that clients look for when choosing their wedding vendors.


  1. How do I get paid?
  • All payments are made securely through our licensed escrow service. Receive funds via whatever payment methods work best for you: Direct Deposit  or Local Funds Transfer 
  • Getweded will pay you once pre-set milestones are met.


  1. Does Getweded have a standard for me to become a vendor?
  • Yes, to be a verified Getweded vendor, you must be able to meet all required guidelines and service standards. 



  1. What fees do you charge vendors?
  • We charge a vendor service fee, taken as a percentage of your earnings on Getweded. It is a sliding fee based on your billings with each client:

          • 5% for the first N50,000 you bill your client across all contracts with them
          • 8% for total billings with your client between N60,000 and N190,000
          • 6% for total billings with your client between N200,000 and N990,000,000
          • 1% for total billings with your client that exceed N1,000,000,000