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#JustEngaged: "Love at First Sight" - The Love Story of Florah and Gbenga - GETWEDED
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#JustEngaged: “Love at First Sight” – The Love Story of Florah and Gbenga

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Our latest couple Florah and Gbenga share with us how they got here.
P.S I’m sure some of us can relate. Enjoy the read.

It began 2015 precisely in Ibadan Nigeria.

Florah (Bride-to-be)

After my redeployment from Mangu camp Jos, posting started and I was taken to Ibadan north LGA (SUBEB). I was new to the lifestyle and culture of the land. Luckily, I got a place to stay with a friend in Ibadan Grammar School (which happens to be the secondary school he finished from). The corpers lodge was another life experience entirely, thanks to Moremi and MTH experience so nothing was new.
We have a mutual connection (our parents), who helped to be my care taker during my stay. So fast forward after 3 months I visited his family house and that was where the first conversation started. A lanky tall guy on a blue pair of pants and Panama face cap stood in front of me. We gisted precisely for 2 hours. It was pretty much about music, school and fellowship experience back in Uni.

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From our conversation I could tell he is friendly and loves God. His wooing style wasn’t direct, as he stylishly asked if I would love to see a movie. I accepted as I was bored at that moment.
The movie ended with me almost freezing out but was saved by Mr Gentleman who gave me his jacket (like jack in titanic nigga was shaking but holding back🤣🤣lol). He offered to buy me dinner and I obliged (being that hunger couldn’t let me be), I said no outrightly but yes in my head lol.
We gisted through the food and next thing I said was “I’m in a relationship although we’re not in a good place at the moment but I can’t cheat” he said okay like I never said anything.

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Fast forward he got home by 11:30pm because we stood under the Molete bridge waiting for a bike but found none and he ended up walking me home before he went home.
Fast forward same year he travelled for his course in India but kept in touch. Always in my business, kept asking all that went on during the day. I was addicted to skype because of him. I wasn’t in India but pretty much have a picture of how India looks from all the gists. No dull or dry gist we just kept talking.
After he got back, at the point I was passing out too from NYSC, everything began to sync We never rushed things we just allowed everything play out itself. From our plenty fights that always brought us back it was really love unplanned. I never knew I can love again after some not so nice experiences.

Now I’m getting married to my friend. One who set high unimaginable standards for me, who wants me to face life anytime whether he’s there or not. The most intelligent hacker alive.

Gbenga (Groom)

For me it was love at first sight no waste of time. When you see what you want go for it with no delay lol.
It was friendship at first but somehow we both knew we wanted more. She wanted to play, I wanted to play but we ended up just sticking to each other. We started when we both had nothing.

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I like her patience, I like her resilience and I like her spirit to hustle. She was right to say it wasn’t planned but as a sharp guy I knew what I wanted.
We broke up 100 times and got back 100 times, for me Christ taught us to forgive ahead before a sin is even committed. That had kept us. I told you I’d stick to you like a bamboo and now we’re counting down to forever!

Me & You Forever

Wedding Hashtag – #FG19


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